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Tom describes himself as an “accidental filmmaker, but a very deliberate writer”. Drawing on a passion for storytelling developed during more than 5 years of blogging for a growing readership, his debut book was met with universal praise upon its launch in early 2013.

This novel-length account of the story behind Janapar, two years in the writing, offers a depth of insight and a breadth of storytelling impossible to fully explore in a single film.

With dozens of five-star reviews (read them!) on Amazon, Tom’s book is the ideal way to have your post-film questions answered as he recounts his 3½-year journey.

I love the film and still find it inspiring and funny after having seen it 3 or 4 times. But the book gives so much more… Tom manages to put across a very honest and personal account of his motivations. Of the joys and challenges of such a trip. Of loneliness and companionship. Of the humbling friendship of complete strangers. Of the difficulties in finding out that perhaps the plan you’ve been obsessing over isn’t the only plan… in the book he is able to communicate this to a much greater degree.
Chris Goodman

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