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Janapar continues to tour screens and events during 2014. See the calendar below for details of past and upcoming events.

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7 comments on “Find a Screening / Event”:

  1. Lucinda Hayton

    Hi — was gutted to find I missed this film — shown last night at the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, Cumbria (where I live) I was out seeing Les Mis’ and crying like a baby !! Really wanted to take my man out to see this (he is climber/guide and back off to lead up Everest for over 2 months for 5th time again in a few weeks… if its not South Pole its some godforsaken peak! wouldve loved to have watched this with him as bit of girly point of view there too that I could relate to !) are you doing Kendal again at any point ? or Zefferelis arts cinema in Ambleside, or maybe Keswick ? thanks, Loo x

  2. Tony Hawkins

    I was wondering if this film is available for purchase in DVD format in the U.S.A. I would like to purchase one. I love the book.

  3. Fran

    Hi — I’m hoping to come along to the screening at The George in London on 18th December. When will tickets be available, I don’t want to miss out! Thanks


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